Hi I'm Michelle, thank you for visiting my website.  

From the young age of 14 my passion of Interiors began.  I would often visit show homes every weekend and come back home and re-arrange my parents home.  My dad saw my potential and allowed me to help with their Interior scheme and I was allowed to go shopping with him, helping him choose all furniture etc to complete their renovation.

While studying GCSE Art my teacher gave me a project to design my own bedroom which I was so excited about.

I was then allowed to fully decorate my own bedroom and loved every minute.  I even learnt how to artex a wall. 

This passion grew with me as I bought my first home.  Several homes later and a certified through The Regents Academy of Fine Arts - I will bring my Cariad to your home.

Does your home need some of my Cariad?

Click here to see examples of my work